Karen’s Top Ten Songs

Most people relate to a song because the story or narrative sticks with them – it rings true in their own lives or memories. A great song can tell many stories through one narrative, so the listener has the freedom to interpret, fill in the blanks, find themselves in the song. The most important part is knowing what NOT to say – the space between the notes is where the spirit of the song will live. Not just the lyrics, but the musical story is also important here. My favorite songs have melodic phrases or specific solo instruments that share their own voice in the story, like little secrets being whispered between the words. Here are my top ten favourite songs – click on each to listen.

The Rain Song ~ Led Zeppelin
Us & Them ~ Pink Floyd
Mercy Mercy Me ~ Marvin Gaye
Moonlight Motel ~ Bruce Springsteen
Love Is Blindness ~ U2
God Only Knows ~ The Beach Boys
Lilac Wine ~ Jeff Buckley (by James Shelton)
Ghost on the Canvas ~ Glen Campbell (by Paul Westerberg)
De cara a la Pared ~ Lhasa de Sela
The Garden ~ Rush