Karen’s Top Ten Favourite Lyrics

Ernest Hemingway said “all you have to do is write one true sentence” ~ when it comes to lyrics it is usually a single line that sticks with me and makes me fall in love with a song, as if the whole piece just branches out from that one phrase that spoke directly to my soul. I like to think that many of us have that specific moment within a song that speaks to us in a very intimate way and is the reason we go back to it time and time again. Here are my top ten favourite one-liners ~ click on each to have a listen!

People don’t know when they’re lookin’ at soul
~Paul Westerberg

How strange the change from major to minor
~Cole Porter

Then it was one more shot poured out in the parking lot
~Bruce Springsteen

There’s a chapter on God that I don’t understand

I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that

Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
~Leonard Cohen

It’s your gradual descent into a life you never meant
~Rilo Kiley

Stop worrying if your vision is new – let others make that decision, they usually do
~Stephen Sondheim

First you need endurance, first you’ve got to last

A symphony of sympathies
~J. Rimbaudelaire