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Karen’s Top Ten Albums

Choosing my “desert island discs” proved to be a bigger undertaking than I expected. There are certain recordings that had a huge impact on me at particular periods of my life, though many of these would eventually fall off. Others, as in the list below, have struck a chord and stuck to me over time. It got me thinking about what it is that makes a great album. Flea from the RHCPs once said that there are only two types of music – music with soul and music with no soul. Soul is the thread that ties these wondrous works together and I listened to them over and again as we were writing and recording Femoir. Click on each title for more information.

What’s Going On ~ Marvin Gaye
Tapestry ~ Carole King
Nothing Like the Sun ~ Sting
Pet Sounds ~ Beach Boys
Sonic Highways ~ Foo Fighters
Rumours ~ Fleetwood Mac
Dark Side of the Moon ~ Pink Floyd
Blue Valentine ~ Tom Waits
Achtung Baby ~ U2
New Moon Daughter ~ Cassandra Wilson